Terrific Tooling Timesaver

Written by on 28th April 2021
Tooling design is challenging work. In the case of jigs and fixtures, the part must be held securely enough that it won’t move during machining, but not so tightly that damage or distortion can occur.

3D Printing the “Impossible” Metal Part

Written by on 28th April 2021
Whether it’s for the portable generator that keeps the refrigerator cold and the light bulbs lit during a power outage, or the hybrid-electric engines that can lift delivery drones high into the sky, the world needs compact and reliable energy sources. Making them smaller, more powerful, and especially more affordable is the vision of Enrique Enriquez, president of KW Micro Power.

Connecting the Dots

Written by on 16th July 2018
Mechanical engineering service provider cuts CAD modeling time by over 90-percent with InfiPoints from Elysium.