Additive Manufacturing Technology

Written by on 16th July 2018
EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems, an established international leader in rapid prototyping and manufacturing technology, wanted to build a stronger presence in the United States. They had cleared a number of hurdles to enable them to market their equipment and materials in the U.S. and had begun reaching out to editors of American trade journals. It was a time of exciting change as perceptions about the potential of the technology were beginning to shift. But EOS needed more comprehensive public relations support to build broader awareness about their Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) capabilities and rebrand themselves in the face of several well-established U.S. competitors.

Design Data Exchange Software

Written by on 16th July 2018
Elysium Inc., a leading global provider of design data exchange software founded in Japan, had built a strong reputation within the Japanese automotive industry. But as they focused more on the U.S. market, they needed to compete with other data translation software providers in a fairly crowded environment. What’s more, there was a perception among trade press editors, design engineeers and the manufacturing industry at large that the complex issue of incompatibility between CAD, CAE and CAM software in the all-digital environment had already been solved. Elysium needed to expose the ongoing problems, clarify the outstanding issues, and clearly explain the value of their superior solutions to their target audiences.

Composites Optimization Software

Written by on 16th July 2018
Collier Research Corporation, of Hampton, Virginia, has a long history with NASA and is the first company to license software developed at the space agency. That software, HyperSizer, is a structural sizing and optimization tool which is used in a feedback loop to improve designs by significantly reducing weight and cost, while at the same time maximizing structural integrity and manufacturability.

CAD/CAM Software

Written by on 16th July 2018
PTC, headquartered in Needham, Mass., is among the world's most successful software companies. The developer of Pro/ENGINEER®, the highly respected CAD/CAM system for mechanical design automation, and Windchill® software for collaborative product commerce, PTC provides indispensable tools for organizations that design and manufacture products in every industry. In the early 1990s, the company's technology for parametric, associative, three-dimensional CAD modeling was cutting-edge and new to the field of computer-aided software. PTC faced a formidable challenge: explain to an entire market of product designers, who were committed to tools for 2-D and 3-D wireframe and surface modeling, how they could benefit from moving to Pro/ENGINEER feature-based CAD software.
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