Realistic Simulation Software

abaqus_lg_dummySIMULIA has been a Parker Group client for more than a decade. As one of the Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience brands, SIMULIA has customers literally around the globe. Parker Group works directly with SIMULIA staff and customers throughout the world to help bring their success stories to life.

Our work is founded on SIMULIA’s cultural cornerstones: commitment to customers and technical superiority in the analysis industry. These two strengths place the company in every sector of engineering, including automotive and off-highway manufacturing and supply, aerospace and defense, consumer and medical products, electronics, raw materials, and the oil and civil engineering disciplines.

We make a point of building deep—and continuously updated—knowledge of the world of computer simulation, supporting the company’s technical marketing group with unique, customer-focused case studies, product update articles, expert bylines, and more. A highlight is SIMULIA Community News, for which we are a major content creator. We write about FEA, CAD, CFD, process automation and optimization, topology optimization, simulation for additive manufacturing, and more.

Our case studies for SIMULIA span customer achievements in a wide variety of application areas, from automotive crash dummy simulation and consumer bottle design to medical stent durability, aerospace composites strength and weight tradeoffs, and so on—supporting the overall Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience platform as it makes the virtual world ever more accessible, and useful, to industry and consumers alike.