Product Development Portal

mesaMesa Systems International, Inc., of Warwick, R.I., designed a product development portal called MesaVista® specifically for engineering organizations in industries subject to strict regulatory compliance, such as aerospace, telecommunications, and medical instrumentation. This web portal technology offered engineers a new way to collaborate in the development of complex products and systems. MesaVista technology, together with expertise won from a decade of consulting in process management, put venture-funded Mesa ahead of the market. The company’s potential customers needed to understand how they could benefit from structured collaboration and process management.

As a forward-thinking, dynamic young enterprise, Mesa took steps to educate engineering project managers, corporate IT executives, software and systems engineers, mechanical and electronics designers, and industrial analysts about the MesaVista approach to collaborative product development. Parker Group worked with Mesa to plan and implement this education campaign. We wrote a company history, a lengthy technical FAQ, and other documents that communicated a unified organizational image for Mesa. We created an electronic brochure that explained how MesaVista could help product development organizations leverage technical assets, capture process excellence, and support engineering expertise. Parker Group also assisted Mesa by creating collateral and press releases for the successful launch of its new portal software. The campaign was capped by an analyst tour.